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Being a varsity athlete has had such a positive impact on my life in so many ways. Sport has taught me the determination, the drive, and the hard work that is required to reach high expectations and goals. It has also allowed me to meet others who share similar values, many of these individuals being some of the strongest and most motivated women I've ever met. These women inspire me to strive to be the best athlete that I can be each day and encourage me to apply the same energy and confidence to other aspects of my life too. I have every intention to continue to pursue my track career even after my time as a Gee-Gee, and varsity sport plays a huge role in this desire. In the future, there will be no female leaders; there will just be leaders. And I believe that sport is certainly no exception to this.

Being a varsity athlete means a lot of things. It means being a part of a community/support group/social network made up of really wonderful ladies (and men because we all train and hang out together). It's a stress reliever, mind clearer, and motivator. It is learning about physical health, exercise, nutrition, mental health and mental strength/performance, setting goals, and learning how to overcome personal challenges. It's learning how to manage your time and finding that balance. And while balancing it all along with academics can feel overwhelming at times, I know I'm learning so much about myself that will carry with me into other aspects of my life beyond university. It is extremely rewarding. Finally, being a female varsity athlete in Nordic Skiing in particular, to me is incredibly inspiring and I'm so happy to be a part of it.

Being a varsity athlete has given me opportunity to excel in what I love to do. It has provided me with a pathway to achieve dreams and goals not only in my sport, but in my everyday life. It has taught me things sitting in classes never could and showed me just how tough I really am. Being a varsity athlete has been the most enjoyable aspect of my undergraduate years.

Being a varsity athlete to me means that I am pushing my physical and mental limits for something bigger than myself. I train and compete to achieve my personal goals, and in doing so, I am also helping my teammates reach theirs. I also hope that my role as a varsity athlete inspires future generations of girls to pursue sport through and beyond the university level.

I'm grateful for this experience, it changed my life in so many ways. Being a varsity athlete is a privilege in itself. It gives me the opportunity to play the sport that I love, get a great education, be inspired by other athletes, and inspire future athletes. Especially being a woman, there can be so much bias, but I just think it is so uplifting to see so many amazing female players motivate one another, it really does break down barriers.

Sport has taught me so much over my life. I believe every girl should have the opportunity to play and learn. Being a female varsity athlete means being a role model and inspiration for younger girls in sport. I try to lead by example to inspire the younger generation so they can aspire to varsity athletics.

To me, being a varsity athlete means so much more than just competing in your sport. It forces you to grow as person, create and develop long-lasting relationships with teammates, coaches, and the varsity community as a whole. It means being 100% dedicated to your sport, striving to be your best every day, and having a competitive mindset. Not only does it shape you as a person but it connects you to like-minded people and makes you feel part of a community, all experiencing the same challenges that you are.

To me, being a varsity athlete means being given the opportunity to empower other women and girls around me. I believe that the more female leaders there are in sport, the more likely we will be able to convince young female athletes that they can achieve anything they put their mind to.

I set my goals high and I work as hard as needed until I achieve them. It has always been hard to combine studying with sports, but I like challenges, I like overcoming obstacles. It has only made me stronger and I wouldn't have been the same person as I am today. Playing sports has really helped me become more organized, improved my time management skills, taught me how not to give up, how to overcome myself, how to  push even when it seems impossible and when no one believes in you.

Being a varsity athlete means having the responsibility to promote the female game and inspire the generations to follow. Too often you hear of young girls quitting sports due to societal pressures, so it's important for us athletes to be role models and make sports something that anyone can pursue, no matter your gender.

Being a varsity athlete means that I can inspire other girls and help show them that there is opportunity for them to compete at a higher level in basketball.

For me, being a female varsity athlete means that I get to be a role model for younger female athletes who are aspiring to continue with sports in the future. Playing soccer brings me so much joy, and getting the opportunity to play at the varsity level allows me to pursue my goal of continuing to play the sport I love for as long as possible.

To be a female athlete who is able to compete in a high level sport is a privilege to me. To be a female athlete means to have strength, courage and commitment. I am involved in sport to push my own limits, step outside my own comfort levels, set my own goals, and be apart of a second family full of talented female athletes. My teammates and my coaches inspire me to maintain my involvement, when I see them striving towards their goals and accomplishments that they have achieved and are working towards. Being a female involved in sport has given me confidence, pride, pure joy, and a group of powerful allies that I can rely on and off the field. It has encouraged myself to grow into a woman that I am constantly trying to better on and off the field, for my coach, my teammates, my family and for myself.

Engaging in a sport like soccer gives me an undeniable identity with something greater than myself. I started out as a very timid player who was set on picking every dandelion on the field rather than kicking a ball into a net. That all changed when my older male cousin tried to insinuate that I was doing that because the sport wasn't 'made' for me. I was determined to prove him wrong and after scoring my first goal, I found myself hooked. Hooked to this belief in myself. Hooked to pushing boundaries. Hooked to being a woman in sport. Soccer has consistently been my outward expression of the statement 'Anything you can do, I can do better'. I have been lucky enough to have an incredibly strong and talented woman dedicate considerable time into developing every part of my physical abilities. That, in and of itself, is the entire essence of women supporting each other that keeps me playing.

Being a varsity athlete is a dream come true. Representing my school as well as my team is something special and I will cherish it forever. It has also allowed me to expand and meet other female athletes that are truly inspiring. Being a female athlete is empowering.

As a female varsity athlete, I can truly say that my sport means the world to me. My goal in life is to inspire others to surmount to challenges and inspire young individuals to chase their dreams. Having the opportunity to compete in competitive swimming at a post-secondary level is beyond amazing because it is giving women the same athletic opportunity as men (which is super important). I have been able to influence younger females to continue pursuing their athletic careers and I am able to give them knowledge based on my experience. I am motivated by all of my fellow female teammates for their hard work, their passion, their positivity, and their support in the field of high-performance athleticism while continuing a full-time academic degree. Being a female athlete is not just an opportunity to compete in a sport I am passionate about; it is about teamwork, growth, discipline, personal experience, dedication, and challenging myself on many levels with the added components of life skill and values.

Being a varsity athlete means something different for each athlete. For me, its being a part of a group of strong women working towards similar goals and helping each other reach our full potential. It means being inspired and motivated by others but also knowing you’re someone else’s inspiration. It is the fulfillment of a dream and goal that most young female athletes set for themselves at a young age.

I have known for a long time I wanted to compete at the varsity level. I was inspired by other athletes I looked up to, my teammates, and coaches to keep working hard to reach the goals I had set for myself. I am proud that I have become an inspiration to younger female athletes, which is one of the reasons I push myself to get better everyday. In addition to inspiring others, to me, being a varsity athlete means commitment, representing my school, and fulfilling my sense of self. It brings me confidence, friendship, and a bond with that will last forever. Continuing to reach and build on my goals have shown me that I have the ability to succeed in anything I put my mind to.

Being a student-athlete means that I get to put the black and gold on my back and represent my school while doing what I love. Many people look up to student athletes and it feels good to be respected in that way. We have the power to influence the people around us and that’s what motivates me to keep playing the sport I love.

Being a female varsity athlete means everything to me. The reason I chose to participate in varsity sport, is that it’s a place where women can come compete at a high level and show their strength and determination. I admire all the women who are pursuing their goals in a varsity sport. They may not realize it at the time, but they are inspiring other women around them to stay active and persevere through any challenge life throws at them. My hope as a varsity athlete is that we actively engage women and young girls to stay passionate and determined as leaders in sport and in life. As a varsity athlete at Trent University, who is striving to become a teacher, it is important to me to promote and mentor women in sport and have a lot more females represented, so that young girls know that anything is possible.

Being a varsity athlete has allowed me to proudly represent my school. Varsity athletics has been a channel to develop strong relationships and lasting friendships. My participation on the Laurier lacrosse team has been a tool in providing indispensable life skills.

My aspirations are not to be deemed as good as my fellow male athletes; instead I want to be recognized for my talent, strength, and power irrespective to my gender. For talent, dedication, and hard work transcend the labels of gender.

Being a varsity athlete allows me to express my love and passion for the game. It is also a platform for me to inspire young women of colour to follow their dreams.

Being a woman in sport and supporting women in sport is imperative in upholding this mindset to push other women to be their best. The hope is, that when others see you being the best athlete and student you can be, it pushes others to be the best versions of themselves. Women in sport are so important. Our society in general is healthier and happier when each sex is supported equally and is given the same opportunity. The more female competition that can be driven from female support and promotion, the better.

Being a female varsity athlete has allowed me to develop the confidence to accomplish my goals on and off the court. It has given me the strength to know I can and I will.

I believe that being a varsity athlete has given me the opportunity to grow in every aspect of my life and provided me with the motivation to continue with sports even after graduating. I also have the opportunity to inspire and be a voice for younger female athletes.

Being a varsity athlete allows me to be a role model for all the young girls that attend our games. We are able to show them that it doesn’t matter your gender or background, but with dedication and a hard work ethic, you can be successful in sport.

As a varsity athlete, we have the ability to inspire young girls in the crowd to be their best self through hard work, determination, and perseverance. Every time I step on the field I play for my teammates and for the little girl in the stands who is aspiring to be a varsity athlete just like me.